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Hi-performance solutions

Traspiratex EVO
Vapcontrol VarioSD

Research & Development

We offer innovative solutions capable of anticipating market demand and in every case we provide immediate and effective solutions that make us the real point of reference for the buildings of the future.


An active and trustworthy partner: clients choosing Harobau are choosing reliability and the expert service of a company that not only finds the most suitable solutions and the most adequate products, but also supplies constant technical and expert advice.


Competence, professionalism, quality: our long-standing experience in the construction building sector is the foundation of the expertise of our staff that is always on call and constantly updated with the latest novelties, and thus capable of offering complete and customized assistance when needed.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment is one of our key values. Our products are made using recyclable materials, and their management, from production to delivery to the final user, is conducted in close compliance with environmental sustainability criteria.