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Vapcontrol Vario SDVapor barriers

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Vapcontrol Vario SD

Membrane made of 3-ply polypropylene with single-layer film. It regulates the quantity of moisture present in the air via the diffusion of water vapor based on a diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness ranging from 1 to 12 m. It prevents the moisture coming from the internal rooms from penetrating the thermal insulation and therefore the formation of mold and roof structure decay. It prevents the dispersion of thermal energy in the roof structure and the formation of condensation, and excludes the formation of heat bridges.


Used in new building construction and building renovation and redevelopment, it is applied to attics and internal/external walls, as roof underlay on boarding, concrete, sloping roofs, and on walls. It regulates vapor release.


Vapor barrier made of 3-ply polypropylene with single-layer film.